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How do you spice up your sex life?

vrouw krijgt massage

When you've been together for a while, sex is less exciting. Do you want to spice it up a bit? Make sure you have variety! Start by thinking about what you would like to do yourself, and talk to your partner about it. 

Tips for variety!

  • Stand behind your boyfriend or girlfriend and start to touch his or her body.
  • Try different positions when fingering, masturbating, having oral sex or penetrative sex.
  • Choose a spot other than the bedroom. Think about the sofa, a chair or the dining table. In the shower or on the washing machine.
  • Put on sexy underwear and do a striptease for your partner.
  • Watch a sex film together. Tell each other what you think would be fun to do. Then try it out.
  • Tell your partner about a fantasy you have. Or mention something you haven’t done yet. Then try it out together.
  • Try to find out all the things your partner enjoys doin

Erotic massage

You don't have to be accomplished masseurs to give each other erotic massages. The main thing is to mix up stroking, kneading, pressing and rubbing the skin. You build the excitement up slowly by touching the sensitive spots more and more often. Make sure your surroundings are warm. Use massage oil.

Relationship going through a dip

Is your relationship not going well? Maybe you're angry, or something is bothering you. Then it's entirely normal to be not in the mood for sex. Work on your relationship together.

Better in bed?

foto van een stel in bed