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Privacy / Cookies is a product of Soa Aids Netherlands, Rutgers, the GGD / Centers for Sexual Health and RIVM. The website is managed by Soa Aids Nederland.

We (Soa Aids Nederland) attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this document we explain how the website takes into account the privacy of its visitors.


This website only uses functional cookies to make the website work properly and analytical cookies (Matomo) to collect information about the use of the website, so that we can adjust it where necessary. No personal data can be derived from these cookies. uses Vimeo and Youtube to play videos. The videos are intentionally integrated in such a way that no tracking or advertising cookies are placed. You can find a detailed overview of these used cookies and how you can refuse them in our general cookie policy.

Personal data

If you mail a question to the Sense Info Line, we will only save your e-mail address to be able to answer your question. See also the extensive privacy statement of the Sense Info line. Furthermore, no personal data is stored or otherwise processed.

Sense Online Coach

Als je je aanmeldt voor de Sense Online Coach, slaan we verschillende persoonsgegevens en tijdelijk informatie over jouw seksuele gezondheid op. Dit laatste omdat we op dit moment onderzoeken of de Sense Online Coach goed werkt. Zie hiervoor ook het uitgebreide privacy statement voor de Sense Online Coach.

Soa Aids Netherlands

In addition to, Soa Aids Nederland has several products, websites and partnerships with other organizations. More information about STD AIDS Netherlands and the way we process personal data can be found in our general privacy statement.

Soa Aids Nederland is a brand of Stichting Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland, located at Condensatorweg 54, 1014 AX, in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 41207989.