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Gone too far?

gebroken hart

When does sex overstep your boundaries?

  • Sophie (17) was on holiday at a campsite when a boy forced her to have sex. She was too frightened to tell anyone about it.
  • Bram (18) has a boyfriend who gets very coercive in bed when he’s had a lot to drink. Bram finds it difficult to talk about, because his boyfriend is completely different when he’s sober.

1 in 6 girls and 1 in 25 boys sometimes get talked into sex or are forced to have it. This means that many young people have sex against their will at some point. Are you one of them? Read more.

Love and relationships

Verliefd zijn is leuk. Maar ook heel spannend. Weet jij al op wie je valt en wat je wilt in de liefde?
verliefde stel


Seks is lekker. Seks is leuk. En soms is seks lastig. Hoe ga jij om met seks? Wat vinden jij en je partner lekker?
vrijend stel

Sex, alcohol and drugs

Alcohol en drugs hebben effect op je seksleven. Lees hier over hoe je het leuk houdt.
feestende jongeren