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Better penetrative sex?

vrijend stel

Everyone likes different things. Here are different positions and tips. Find out together which ones you both like. Want to check the basics again? Have a look at How does penetrative sex work.

Clitoris & G-spot stimulation

It's not easy to stimulate the clitoris during penetrative sex. The way to do it is for her to let it rub gently against the shaft of the man's penis or his pubic bone. When the woman is more in control, she can move in a way that stimulates her G-spot.

vrijend stel

This position is a different version of the ‘missionary’ position. The woman lies on her back. The man is a bit higher up than normal, with his head above the woman, so that his pubic bone is exactly above the woman's one. The man moves up and down, in and out of the vagina. The shaft of his penis and his pubic bone rub up against her clitoris.

More? Her clitoris gets maximum stimulation if you alternate fast thrusts with shallow thrusts, while slowly circling your hips. Lots of women find it easier to come this way.

vrijend stel

The woman kneels above the man. He supports her by holding her buttocks. The woman decides the tempo and the depth of penetration. Her clitoris rubs against his pubic bone. Hug and kiss each other during sex.

More? Are you a man and do you want to delay your orgasm? That is easier when the woman sits or lies on top of you.

vrijend stel

The woman is on top of the man. You both lean back and support yourselves with your arms. The woman moves back and forth, or makes grinding motions with her pelvis. She decides the tempo and the depth of the penetration. His penis stimulates the G-spot on the inside of her vagina.

More? If you can manage to lean on one arm only, you’ll be able to stroke the woman's clitoris. Use this opportunity!

vrijend stel

The man is on his knees. The woman stretches her leg out between his legs. She lifts up her other leg and lays it on the man's shoulder. The higher up she lifts it, the deeper his penis can penetrate her vagina. Each time the man thrusts his penis in her vagina, his pubic bone bumps up against her clitoris. 

More? The man makes slow circular movements with his hips while his penis is in the woman's vagina. This gives her clitoris maximum stimulation.

Deep penetration & stimulation of the head of the penis

The head of the penis gets extra stimulation if it rubs against the vaginal wall, or if the penis is deep in the vagina. Deep penetration can be painful, so take that into account.

vrijend stel

The woman lies on her back. She pulls her legs up and rests them on the man's shoulders. The man is on his hands and knees. His penis can thrust deep into the vagina and feels larger. Stop doing it if it hurts. Keep eye contact and tell each other what’s turning you on. 

More? If the man kneels and his upper body is upright, he will be able to keep it up for longer without getting cramp.

vrijend stel

This position is sometimes called ‘doggy style’. The woman is on her hands and knees. The man kneels behind her, in between her legs. His penis thrusts deep into her vagina. The motion causes his balls to bump up against her clitoris or labia.

More? The woman puts her legs between the man's knees. Or lies on her belly and raises her bottom up. The vagina feels narrower, giving the head of the penis extra stimulation. Alternate fast thrusts with slow circular motions.

vrijend stel

The man lies on his back. The woman sits on top with her back to him, and supports herself on his belly. She moves up and down, or makes ‘grinding’ motions with her pelvis. She decides the tempo and depth of penetration.

More? The woman is in the same position, but with her legs tucked behind her, feet facing backwards. She strokes her clitoris at the same time.

Slightly different

You can have sex in many different positions. The better you know each other, the more you can try out.

vrijend stel

This position is sometimes known as the ‘spoons position’ or ‘spooning’. You both lie on your side. The man lies behind the woman. He caresses her breasts and stomach. The woman stimulates her clitoris. His penis stimulates the G-spot inside her vagina.

More? The woman bends over. This allows the penis to get deeper into the vagina.

vrijend stel

You're facing each other. The woman wraps her legs around the man's hips and holds onto his shoulders. She leans up against a wall. The man supports her with his hands under her bottom.

More? The woman sits on the edge of a table, the kitchen counter or the washing machine. That's not just nice for a change, but allows you to go on for longer.

vrijend stel

The woman stands with her back to the man. She leans against a wall and arches her back so that the man can put his penis in her vagina more easily. The man holds her by her hips. Or strokes her breasts and clitoris.

More? The more the woman leans forward and pushes her bottom backwards, the deeper the penis can get in her vagina. This position can be difficult if you are not the same height.