benen in netkousen

Do you like sex and want to experiment with it. Look at these options.

Sex in an exciting place

Sex in a public place can be very exciting. In an alleyway, in the woods, in a car park, in the car... Perhaps the idea of getting caught in the act turns you on. Make sure no one can see you, because the police could give you a fine. 

Sex toys and role play clothes

You can buy lots of sex toys in a sex shop, or order online. Dildos, vibrators and strap-on dildos. You can also buy role-play clothes. So you can perhaps play a doctor or a policeman. Go to a sex shop together, or visit a web shop, and have a good look around. Choose something you’d both like to try out. 


Blindfolding or tying each other up during sex can be a big turn on. You can go even further and play around with pain. Maybe spanking each other's bottoms, using your hand or a whip, excites you both. You can put clothes pegs on her nipples, or on his penis. Another option is playing with power. Do a role play in which one of you is dominant (master or mistress) and the other person is submissive (slave). The dominant party gives the other person exciting challenges. This is how to turn role-playing into a sexy power game. 


A threesome means 3 people have sex together at the same time. All combinations are possible. It is often 1 man and 2 women. But it could be 1 woman and 2 men. Or 3 men, or 3 women. Would you like to experience this sometime? It might be difficult to find people who want it too. The internet can be useful. There is a higher risk of contracting STIs, so make sure you have safe sex

3 tips

  • Only do the things that you both like doing.
  • Don't drink or take drugs while experimenting. That makes it harder to make it clear what you want.
  • Make sure you have safe sex