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Better lesbian sex?

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Everyone likes different things. Here are various positions and tips. Discover together which ones you both like. Besides your fingers, you can use a dildo or vibrator to stimulate her clitoris. Want to check the basics? Have a look at How lesbian sex works.


You can finger in different positions. You can insert 1 or more fingers in her vagina from various angles, depending on how you’re positioned.

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Kneel between the other woman's bended knees. Touch the clitoris and surrounding area. Moisten your fingers with vaginal fluid or saliva and insert 1 or more fingers in her vagina. Alternate thrusting with circular movements on her vaginal walls.

More? Use your finger to stimulate the G-spot inside her vagina. Stimulate her clitoris at the same time. You can do that with your fingers but also with your mouth. How? Have a look at Cunnilingus.

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The other woman gets on her knees. You are on your knees behind her. That makes it easier for you to reach: stroke her clitoris and vagina at the same time.
You have no eye contact but you do have lots of skin contact. Touch her breasts, belly and neck. Surprise her!

More? Because you're so close together you can feel her bottom against your belly. Maybe she will reach behind to grab hold of your thigh or bottom.

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Your partner is on her hands and knees. You put your hand between her legs, or round the outside of her leg. Stroke her clitoris and labia, or put 1 or more fingers in her vagina. This position allows you to go in deeper. Can you feel a hard bulge deep in her vagina? That is her cervix. 

More? Caress her bottom. Gently or more firmly.

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Besides doing it to each other, you can of course finger yourselves. Lie opposite each other so that you can keep eye contact. Stroke your clitoris or put 1 or more fingers in your vagina. At the same time, watch how your partner fingers herself. That's how you can see what she likes. Try to do the same afterwards when you finger her.

More? Coming at the same time? Count yourselves lucky! Don't make it compulsory: coming one after the other is exciting too.


Your neck will be more comfortable during cunnilingus if you kneel down, and your partner stands or sits. You can combine cunnilingus with touching other sensitive spots.

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The other woman sits on the edge of the bed. Or on a chair. Or a table. Use your imagination! You kneel down between her legs. Lick on or around the clitoris, her labia, or even in her vagina. Getting faster, or slower. Pressing harder, or more gently. Use your tongue and your lips.

More? Push 1 or more fingers into her vagina as you stimulate her clitoris with your tongue. Have a look at How does fingering work.

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The other woman stands. You kneel down in front of her. Lick her labia and clitoris. At the same time, caress her inner thighs and groin area. Try licking and sucking her vagina and clitoris in the shower. Perfect if you want to make sure her vagina is clean.

More? If she leans with her back against a wall, she might be able to lift one leg up and rest it on your shoulder. That makes it easier to reach her vaginal opening with your tongue.

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Your partner lies on her back. You lie on your belly, between her legs. Lick her labia and vagina with your tongue. Gently suck her clitoris with your lips.

More? Use 1 or more fingers to stimulate the G-spot inside her vagina.

Slightly different

You can make love in various ways. The better you know each other’s bodies, the more you can try out.

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This position is known as ‘69’. You lie on top of, or next to, each other with your heads at each other’s crotches. You lick each other at the same time. Don't forget about her bottom and back. Stroke them gently or more firmly.

More? Keep in time with each other when licking. Or rather, let your partner know how you would like her to lick you by changing your tempo.

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You lie in opposite directions with your legs together. You both spread your legs, interlocking them like 2 pairs of scissors, and you rub your clitoris gently against your partner’s. This position is known as ‘scissoring’. Make sure you've been tested for STIs, because you can transmit STIs to each other in this position.

More? Use your thighs or hands to stimulate each other’s clitoris as well.

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You're opposite each other, one of you sitting and the other one squatting. Caress and kiss each other. Touch various sensitive spots on each other's bodies or finger each other.

More? It is more difficult to put your fingers in her vagina when she’s sitting. Get her to lean back or think up some creative alternative together!