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Affected by an experience

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If you've had an unpleasant experience you may suffer from depression, guilt feelings or embarrassment, but also from stomach aches or nightmares. Talk to someone, and seek help  if necessary.

What are the symptoms?

If you've gone through something unpleasant, you probably feel rotten. You could have all kinds of symptoms:

If you've gone through something unpleasant, you probably feel rotten. You could have all kinds of symptoms:

  • The horrible memories keep coming back. Maybe you have nightmares, or are constantly scared of bumping into the perpetrator.
  • You're stressed, you feel tense, you're really tired, you can't concentrate. Maybe you get a lot of headaches or stomach aches.
  • You feel dirty, are ashamed of your body or hate your own body.
  • You don't enjoy sex anymore, you're scared of sex or are disgusted by sex.
  • You feel guilty or ashamed of what’s happened. Maybe you’ve lost your faith in people, or you’re angry at the world.

If you’ve had unprotected sex, you may have contracted an STI or have become pregnant. Go to your own doctor or contact a Sense clinic.

It's not your fault!

Victims often think it’s their own fault. That is not true! Nobody has the right to force someone into sex. Not even if you were flirting, wearing a short skirt or in a relationship with them. And also not because your friends think you’re a loser because you don't want sex.

Is this really the cause?

Maybe you're suffering from one or more of the symptoms mentioned above. You might not be sure whether they’re anything to do with that unpleasant experience, but symptoms like these often are. So always take them seriously.

What can you do?

  • Talk to someone about it. For example a friend, your parents, someone from school or someone from Sense. Talking is often a great relief.
  • Go to a psychologist or a psychotherapist. They can help you to feel a lot better. Ask your own doctor for a referral.
  • Be careful with alcohol and drugs. They may appear to help, but your problems actually get bigger.
  • Consider whether you want to bring criminal proceedings, or file a police report.
  • If you've had unsafe sex, have yourself tested for STIs and pregnancy.
  • Get on with your life as soon as possible. Seek distractions from your unpleasant memories and thoughts.