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een meisje met 3 jongens op de achtergrond

A groomer is a man or boy who starts a relationship with a girl for just 1 reason: to earn money by getting her to work as a prostitute. That’s why groomers are also called Romeo pimps and in the Netherlands they are described as ‘loverboys’.

He seems to be really nice...

A groomer seems to be a really nice guy at first. He lures you into it, for example on Skype, Facebook or Sugarbabes. He gives you expensive presents and showers you with compliments. He gets you to the point where you’re nuts about him and will do anything for him. Groomers often pick girls who are not comfortable in their own skin.

Return the favour

At a certain point, a groomer will expect the girl to return the favour. After all, he’s done so much for her. The girl is prepared to do anything for him because she’s so in love with him. It starts with the small things but ends up with the girl having to do more and more. He coerces her into sleeping with other men and to giving him the money.

And if you don't do it?

If you don't do it, he forces you to. He may threaten you with something, or maybe he feeds you drugs. One minute he puts you on a pedestal, the next minute he humiliates and abuses you. Often he makes sure you’re isolated from family or friends. You’re often too ashamed or frightened to contact them.