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Buying condoms

winkelwagen vol condooms

You can buy condoms in lots of places. In shops or online. Where would you prefer to buy them? Let’s look at your options.

Video: Choosing & buying condoms

How do you find the condom that’s best for you? Where do you buy them? Hear about other young people’s experiences.

A shop, online or when you go out

Condoms are on sale in lots of places:

  • At chemists or supermarkets
  • At pubs, clubs and bars from a vending machine
  • Online

Need condoms right now?

Do you need some condoms and want to know where you can buy them? Find a shop or vending machine

Is buying condoms in a shop something you find difficult to do? Don’t worry. Most people buy their condoms at a chemist. So you're not the only one.

Buy your condoms beforehand

Just when you don’t expect it, you need a condom. So maybe you’ll end up having unprotected sex, which is what you didn’t want to do. Make sure you always have condoms with you:

  • Buy condoms beforehand.  Then you’ve always got one if you need it
  • Make sure you always have condoms with you. In your bag, trouser pocket or wallet, for example.
  • Make sure you have more than one. Just in case the condom tears or you want to have sex again.