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Video: Choosing & buying condoms

How do you choose a condom that fits you? Where do you buy them? Watch this video and hear about experiences of other young people.

'Regular' condoms with (spermicidal) lubricant

These are latex-based and available in different sizes. The lubricant ensures that the penis slides into the vagina or the anus more easily (use extra lubricant for anal sex!).

Flavoured condoms

Do you want to have oral sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but are you a bit reluctant? Then you may want to use a condom with a flavour (for licking her vagina, cut the condom in half). Condoms like this that are available in the Netherlands: Christine le Duc Tasty, Benetton (various flavours), Hot Rubber Sweet (various flavours), Durex Chocolate, Durex Fiesta (incl. banana) and Condomi (various flavours, such as apple, banana and coconut).

Condoms that prevent premature ejaculation

Many men come earlier than they want to. Some condoms can offer a solution. These have a special gel that helps to delay your orgasm. Examples are Christine le Duc Lasting condoms and Durex Performa.

Extra thin condoms

If you don’t like regular condoms, you can use an extra thin condom, such as Condomi Ultra Thin, Durex Avant or Durex Fetherlite.

Extra large or small condoms

Standard sized condoms aren’t suitable for everyone. It’s not the length, but the circumference (girth) that’s the issue. The condom can be too wide or too tight. One that’s too tight can squeeze and tear. And one that's too large can slip off. Make sure you’ve got the right size condom, so that you get the most out of sex.

Condoms for vaginal orgasms

Not many women have a 'vaginal climax'. Some condoms increase your chances. These have ribs and dots. They provide extra stimulation. Examples are: Durex Sensation, Durex Pleasuremax, Ril-Form Twin Ribbed, Christine le Duc Stimulation and Condomi Mix.

Fun condoms

Fun condoms are condoms with funny characters. These might be nice to look at, but they don’t protect against STIs and pregnancy.

Female condoms

A female condom is a condom placed inside the vagina.

Condoms for people with a latex allergy

If you’re allergic to standard latex condoms, you can use condoms made of polyurethane instead. You can also buy lambskin condoms. But remember: although condoms made from lamb membrane do protect against pregnancy, they do not give protection against STIs!