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Types of condoms

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There are condoms in all shapes and sizes. How do you know which are the best for you? Just give them a try yourself.

Video: Choosing & buying condoms

How do you find the condom that’s best for you? Where do you buy them?  Listen to some other young people’s experiences.

Extra large or small condoms

If your condom fits properly, you’ll probably enjoy sex more. Regular condoms fit most men and boys. But a condom can be too tight or too wide. It might squeeze you or slip off. So you’ll want to find a condom that’s exactly the right size. 

This is how you measure up: 

  • Measure the circumference (width/girth) of your erect penis. You do that by putting a tape measure around your penis at the base, close to your pelvis
  • Measure the length of your erect penis, from the tip to the base

The Condomerie site tells you exactly how to do the measuring. And tells you which condoms will fit you.

Measuring up to find the right condom

Try out different brands and types of the same size. It can make a difference.

Extra thin condoms

If regular condoms aren’t comfortable, try an extra thin condom. Like Condomi. Sometimes it will say ‘Ultra Thin’ or ‘Fetherlight’ on the pack.

Flavoured condoms

There are condoms with different flavours – handy for oral sex. To use one for licking the vagina, just cut it open. You can also use flavoured condoms for vaginal and anal sex.

Condoms for longer sex

There are condoms that can delay orgasms. It might say ‘Performa’ on the pack.

Fun condoms

Fun condoms are condoms with funny characters. These might be nice to look at, but they don’t protect against STIs and pregnancy. 

Condoms for people with a latex allergy

If you’re allergic to latex condoms, use condoms made of polyurethane or polyisoprene. They don’t contain latex. Ask for them in a shop. Or search online for ‘polyurethane condoms’ or 'polyisoprene condoms'.

Female condoms

A female condom is a condom that’s put in the vagina instead of on the penis. Some women prefer to use them. Curious? Why not try using one?