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How to put on a condom

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If a condom isn’t put on properly, it could slip off or tear. And then there’s a risk of an STI or pregnancy. So you need to get it right. How do you do that?

What’s the right way to put on a condom?

  1. Carefully open the packaging and take out the condom. Don't use your teeth or scissors. And be careful with sharp nails and rings. You mustn’t damage the condom.
  2. Make sure the rolled-up side of the condom is on the outside. Test this by holding the edge of the condom between your thumb and index finger. Then feel which way it rolls down easily. Pinch the tip of the condom with your thumb and index finger. This keeps the air out. Otherwise the condom might burst.
  3. Keep pinching the tip. Use one hand to put the condom on the erect penis. Roll it down as far as possible with your other hand. Make sure there's enough space in the tip of the condom. That's where the semen is caught. If you can't roll down the condom, take it off again and use another one. Start again at step 1.
  4. Once you’ve had an orgasm, take your penis out of the vagina or anus before it gets soft. Hold on to the condom edge when you’re pulling out to make sure the condom doesn’t slip off. Tie a knot in it and throw it in the bin. Never put a condom down the toilet. That could cause a blockage.

Tips for using condoms

  • It’s good to have some practice before using one. Put a condom on your own penis. Or put it on a banana or a friend’s 2 fingers
  • Use good quality condoms. Check whether there's a CE mark on the pack. That’s a European quality mark
  • Check the ‘use by’ date. You’ll find it on the packaging. Old condoms aren’t safe to use
  • Don’t open the packaging with your teeth or with scissors
  • Don't roll down the condom until the penis is completely erect
  • Pinch the tip of the condom before you roll it down the penis. If any air is trapped, there’s no space for the semen. And the condom might burst
  • Use water-based or silicon-based lubricant. Lubricants that aren’t water-based or silicon- based could damage the condom. Then it’s no longer safe to use
  • Don’t use any cream, body lotion, oil or gel on your penis, hands or body

Tips for using condoms for anal sex

  • Use good quality condoms. Check whether there's a CE mark on the pack. That’s a European quality mark
  • You don’t need stronger condoms for anal sex. You can use condoms that are called extra strong, but ‘regular’ condoms with a CE mark are fine too
  • Use water-based or silicon-based lubricant. Then the condom won’t tear
  • If you switch between vaginal sex and anal sex, or the other way round, use a new condom each time
  • It’s best not to use gels that give a tingling sensation. Or flavoured gels. They’ll often irritate your skin

Tips for keeping condoms

  • Store condoms in a cool, dark place. Like a bedside drawer or your wallet
  • Don’t put condoms in the fridge and keep them out of the sun
  • Keep condoms away from keys or anything else that’s sharp. That could damage them

Video: Bringing it up & putting it on

How do you bring up condoms? And how do you put one on properly? Watch this video and hear about other young people’s experiences.