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Female Condom

photo of a Female Condom

Female condoms are also called internal or vaginal condoms. You put one in your vagina to catch the semen. That stops you getting pregnant and there’s less risk of an STI. A female condom looks like a small plastic bag and has a flexible ring at each end.

How do you use this condom?

You can insert the female condom yourself:

  • Read the instructions first. You’ll find them in the pack.
  • Put the small ring into your vagina. The larger ring stays on the outside of the vagina, resting against the labia (skinfolds).
  • Now you can have sex
  • Time to remove the female condom? Twist the outer ring round and carefully pull the condom out of the vagina.

Where can you buy female condoms?

You can buy female condoms at chemists and pharmacies or online. Sometimes you can buy them in supermarkets or sex shops.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Female condoms protect against pregnancy 
  • There’s also less risk of an STI
  • You can insert a female condom before you have sex. That means you don’t have to stop while you’re having sex.
  • You don’t have to take a female condom out straight after having sex – you can leave it in for a little while
  • During your period, a female condom is a barrier for the blood 
  • They don’t contain hormones like the pill or an IUS
  • You can put it in yourself


  • They’re quite expensive: about 2 euros each
  • You can see it on the outside of the vagina