Warning partners

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Do you have an STI? Warn your partner(s)! Even if you don't have any symptoms. Your partner can have an STI without knowing it and pass it on to others. 

Remember this

You can pass on an STI from the moment you get infected until the treatment is completed. Warning partners prevents the STI being passed on or causing serious problems for other people.

Need help?

Is it difficult for you to tell your partner that you have an STI? The Sense nurse or your doctor can help with warning partners. They can even do it without mentioning your name, if you want. They will only warn people after you have given your consent.

If you are warned that you might have an STI, take it seriously. Have an STI test, even if you don't have any symptoms.

Important notice about STI tests

Reduced STI surgery hours at some GGDs, STI clinics and GPs because of coronavirus.