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Why an STI test?

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An STI test tells you whether or not you have an STI. Most STIs are easy to treat. 

When should you get tested?

  • You had sex without a condom
  • A condom tore or came off during sex
  • Someone you had sex with has an STI
  • You’ve got symptoms like warts, blisters, pain when peeing, or discharge (fluid) from your vagina is more than usual or looks different. You can talk to your doctor about whether you need to have an STI test
  • You have sex with someone regularly and you want to stop using condoms
  • You’re pregnant and don’t want to pass an STI on to your child
  • You were forced to have sex

Not sure whether you need to have an STI test? Do the STI check. Just answer a few questions and we’ll give you advice. 

Men with other men

If you’re a man or boy who has sex with other men, get tested for STIs and HIV every 6 months. Because you’re more likely to get an STI. Read on about how to get an STI test

Why get tested?

  • If you have an STI, you can pass it on to someone else
  • Most STIs are easy to treat. That usually gets rid of the infection
  • If your STI doesn’t get treated, you could have some unpleasant symptoms