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Telling people you have an STI

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If you have an STI, tell the people you have sex with. Even if you don’t have any symptoms. They might have the STI too. If you tell them, then they can get tested for STIs. And be treated if necessary.

Remember this

You can pass on an STI from the moment you get the infection until the treatment has finished. And the people you have sex with can also pass the STI on to someone else. So if you tell them you have an STI, everyone can get tested. And if they do have an infection, they can get treated. 

How to tell them?

Perhaps it’s difficult for you to tell people you have an STI. But don’t forget: you’re helping them too. Then they’ll know whether they have an STI. And they can be treated if necessary.

Lots of people have STIs. And most people would rather hear about it.  

Telling people anonymously

Would you rather not have to tell someone yourself that you have an STI? You can also use a GGD website to do it, without giving your name. Your doctor can help you with that. Or do it for you. But only if you agree.

More about warning people anonymousl

Has someone told you about an STI?

If someone you’ve had sex with has told you they have an STI, go to your doctor to get tested. You might have the STI too. Even if you don’t have any symptoms. 

If you don’t want to go to your doctor, make an appointment at a GGD clinic. When you get in touch, say that someone you had sex with has an STI. Sometimes they will then give you an appointment sooner.