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Testing at home

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You’d rather do an STI or HIV test without anyone knowing, so you want to order one on the internet. That seems like a good way to go about it, but often it isn’t. Because not all home tests are reliable.

What is an STI home test or self test?

A test you do in your own home is called a self test or home test. You can order one of these testing kits online. But only home tests that you send to a lab after you’ve done the test are a good option. The home tests you can buy at a chemist are not reliable.

Which STI home tests are reliable?

A reliable STI home test is one that you send to a lab after you’ve done it. Then you know for sure that it will be analysed properly. 

This is where you can order reliable STI home test kits:

Disadvantages of STI home tests

  • You pay for them yourself
  • You might do tests that aren’t necessary. That’s wasting money
  • You might do the test wrong. Like testing for the wrong STI or testing in the wrong part of your body
  • You can’t ask the doctor any questions
  • If you have an STI, you still need to go to a doctor. They’ll sometimes do the test again. And give you treatment 

Better to go to your doctor for an STI test

Even if an STI home test is reliable, there’s still more chance of an incorrect result than when you have a test done by the doctor. To know for sure whether or not you have an STI, it’s better to get tested for STIs by your doctor or a GGD clinic.

Find a GGD clinic near you

STI testing at a private clinic

Would you rather not go to your doctor or a GGD clinic? And you don’t want to do a self test either? Then go to a private clinic. You pay them straightaway for the testing, so the STI test won’t be listed on your health insurance costs. is a private clinic where you can have an STI test done.