Tips for using condoms


Here you’ll find several tips on correct condom use. The most important tip: stick to the instructions.

Useful tips

  • Boys can practise by putting a condom on themselves. A girl can practise by putting a condom on a banana, or by asking a friend to hold up 2 fingers so she can roll a condom down on that.
  • Use good quality condoms. These are condoms with a CE logo on the packaging. That is a European quality mark.
  • Check the expiry date in advance. You’ll find it on the packaging. Old condoms are not safe.
  • Keep condoms away from keys: they can damage them.
  • Do not open condoms with your teeth or with scissors.
  • Don’t roll the condom down until the penis is completely erect.
  • Use a water-based lubricant (on sale at chemists and pharmacies). Lubricants that aren’t water based can damage the condom’s rubber. In that case, the condom is no longer safe. So don’t use face cream, body lotion, oil, wax, gel or sunscreen as a lubricant either.
  • Never put your penis into a vagina or anus without a condom.

Tips for using condoms for anal sex

  • Use good quality condoms. These are condoms with a CE logo on the packaging. That is a European quality mark.
  • Condoms don’t need to be extra strong. You can still use condoms that are called extra strong, but 'ordinary' condoms with the CE logo are also suitable.
  • Use extra water-based lubricant to prevent the condom tearing. Anal sex is less smooth than vaginal sex.
  • Do you go from vaginal sex to anal sex or vice versa? Then change your condom too.


  • Pinch the tip of the condom with your thumb and index finger when you put it on. A handy trick is to twist the tip of the condom.
  • Use a new condom if you’re having sex for longer than a quarter of an hour.
  • Withdraw your penis once you’ve had an orgasm.
  • Hold on tight to the bottom of the condom when you pull out.
  • Use a new condom if you've had an orgasm and you want to have sex again.
  • Use 1 condom at a time. That’s perfectly safe if you use it correctly.


  • Unroll the condom in one go without pinching the tip. There’ll be air inside it. And this may make it burst.
  • Have sex for half an hour with the same condom.
  • Leave your penis in the vagina or anus for a while after you’ve had an orgasm.
  • Withdraw without using your hands.
  • Once you've had an orgasm, have sex again with the same condom.
  • Use 2 condoms on top of each other (this is what makes them tear).

Video: Bringing it up & putting it on

How do you start a conversation about condoms? How do you put them on properly? Watch this video and hear about other young people’s experiences.