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What is transgender?

foto van een transgender persoon

Do you feel more like a woman even though you were born a boy? Or do you feel more like a man even though you were born a girl? This is called transgender or gender dysphoria, and is also known as gender incongruence.

Boy or girl?

When a baby is born, the midwife or doctor calls out, “It's a girl” or, “It'sa boy”. But not everyone born a boy, feels like a boy, or a man, inside. And not everyone born a girl, feels like a girl or woman inside. If this applies to you, then you are transgender.

In between man and woman

Some transgender people feel 100% male or 100% female, even though their gender at birth was different. But there are also those who don't fit into either category. They feel like something in between. A bit of both, or neither of these.

Pink and blue

Being transgender is not always easy. Sometimes the world seems to have been divided into 2 parts: pink and blue. Women's clothing and men's clothing. Men's toilets and women's toilets. But on closer inspection, there’s a lot more to it. There are many colours in the rainbow!

You and your body

When you are transgender, you don’t feel 100% at home in your body. You can have your body changed with hormones and surgery. But you don't have to. You may also be content with your body and want to leave it as it is. Trust your feelings, only you know what you need.