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Seeking help

2 handen die elkaar vasthouden

If something is bothering you, talking about it is a relief! You can do this with someone you know. You could also talk to someone you don't know, like a care worker. Or you could ask questions anonymously on the internet.

Talking about transgender feelings

  • Veilige Haven offers support to young people, men and women from multicultural Amsterdam who are looking for somewhere they can go to express their gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender feelings.

Love, sex and relationships

  • Personal advice from Sense: At Sense, we can help you with questions about love, sex and relationships. When you are transgender as well. You can chat, email or phone.
  • Sex therapist: a sex therapist can help you with sexual problems. For example: if you want to be in the mood for sex more often - or less - if you can't have an orgasm, or if you don't feel good when making love. You can find a sex therapist on the NVVS website (website is in Dutch). Not all sex therapists are equally knowledgeable about transgender people and sex.
  • Gender clinic: are you receiving treatment at a gender clinic and do you have questions about how sex works after hormone treatment or after surgery? Bring it up with your psychologist or doctor.

In love with a transgender person

There is a Facebook group for young people under 25 who have a relationship with someone who is transgender, like Transgender Friends and Allies and Transgender Friends And Relationships.

Gender reassignment treatment (hormones and surgery)

  • Do you have a deep-seated wish to change your body? Contact one of the gender clinics. Initially you will have an intake appointment. Afterwards you are usually put on a waiting list. After a few months, you can go for talks with a psychologist. Based on these talks, a decision is made as to whether you get the ‘green light’ for treatment.
  • Are you already being treated at a gender clinic? Do you have questions about the treatment? Don't hesitate to put them to your psychologist or doctor

There are 2 gender clinics:

  • The Center of Expertise on Gender Dysphoria at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam. This is where most transgender people are treated.
  • The Gender Clinic at UMCG in Groningen. You can go there if you live in the north of the country.