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Sex and your period

meisje houdt tampon en maandverband op

Can you have sex when you're having your period? Yes, you can! But you don't have to. Just go with what you feel. Have safe sex, because you can still get pregnant or catch an STI.

Nice or not nice?

Some wouldn’t dream of doing it, others think it's actually great. What do you think?

Tip: think of other ways of making love. Maybe you don't feel like having sexual intercourse (penetrative sex), but prefer fingering or masturbating. Or do you feel like playing with yourself, but not with your partner.

Safe sex

You can get pregnant if you have unsafe sex, even when you're having your period. You can also catch an STI. Always have safe sex.

Pill-free week

When you use the pill or other hormonal contraception, you usually have a pill-free week in which you have your period. You don't take the pill for a few days, but are still protected against an unwanted pregnancy.