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During puberty, a girl has her first period. For about 5 days, some blood, mixed with mucus, flows from your vagina.. You can use tampons, sanitary pads or cups to soak up the blood and mucus.

Sexual maturity

You have your first ovulation a few weeks before your first period. From that point on, your body is capable of becoming pregnant. You are ‘sexually mature’.

TIP: If you're going to have sex, always use a condom, even if you've never had a period. You can actually become pregnant a few weeks before your first period.

Every month

From now on, you will have a period approximately once a month. Your menstruation is irregular at first. Sometimes you have another period after just 3 weeks, other times only after 6 weeks. After a while, it's easier to predict when you'll have your next period. How often you have a period and how long your menstruation lasts, is different in each woman.

Not so great

When you're having a period, or just beforehand, you don't feel so great. You perhaps have a stomach ache, a headache or you are moody or tired. What causes this? It's due to your hormones. They are working overtime and can mess up everything.

What can you do?

When you feel like that, it’s best to pamper yourself a bit. Hold a hot water bottle against your abdomen; it helps relieves the pain. Snuggle up on the couch. You could also take a paracetamol for the pain. Some women think that chocolate really helps.