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Sexting is using your mobile phone or tablet to send sexually explicit messages, photos or images of yourself. The word sexting is a combination of ‘sex’ and ‘texting’. Taking sexy pictures and sending them to each other can be fun and exciting, and useful if you're longing for each other but are unable to be together.


There are risks attached to sexting. Images are regularly forwarded, accidentally or perhaps intentionally – to bully you or to take revenge. These photos and videos then end up with the recipient’s friends, or they’re posted on porn sites.

If you get help quickly, you may be able to have the images taken down, but it's not easy.

Huge impact

When this happens to someone, it can have a huge impact on them. You shared something in confidence and now your trust has been betrayed. The internet is public, it's for everyone. Distributing sexual images of minors on the internet is against the law, but knowing that doesn't make you feel any better if the images are already circulating and everyone can see you in intimate poses.

What now?

Be careful when sharing naked or sexual images; of yourself or of other people. Have you run into problems? Confide in someone: your parents, the school counsellor or a teacher who you get on with.