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Are you looking for help?

verzameling handen die een regenboogvlag zwaaien

If something is bothering you, talking about it can be a relief. You could talk to someone you know, but you could also talk to someone you don't know, like a social worker.


Talking helps

You can also get anonymous online help at Sense. Perhaps because you have doubts about your feelings, or want to share them with someone. Are people you know not showing any understanding or reacting awkwardly to your homosexuality? Look here for advice or help tailored to your needs.

Where can you turn to? (Tips)

  • School: have a good talk with your school counsellor about how to tackle your problems.
  • Your doctor: you can ask your doctor questions about homosexuality or bisexuality. If necessary, your doctor can refer you to someone more specialised.
  • Switchboard: this is where you can ask all your questions on homosexuality and bisexuality.