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Preventing STIs

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You can make sure you don’t get an STI by having safe sex. Safe sex starts with talking about safe sex, whether you have casual partners or are in a more permanent relationship. Do you do drink or drugs? It’s important to talk about how you’ll have sex before you get drunk or high.
Have you had unsafe sex or caught an STI? Get yourself tested and treated.

Are you a man who has sex with men? Get yourself vaccinated against hepatitis B. Are you convinced that you've very recently been exposed to HIV? Then you can get a PEP treatment.

Coils, ring and other methods

The pill is not the only method of contraception. Many other contraceptives, like IUD/IUS coils and the vaginal ring, also protect you against pregnancy.
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When you’re having sex with someone, using condoms is the only way to prevent STIs.
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Morning after pill

Are you a woman who has had unprotected sex with a man? If you take the morning after pill, you won't get pregnant.