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PEP after HIV risk

jongen slaat arm om andere jongen

You’re eligible for a PEP treatment if you’ve recently run an HIV risk. Start treatment as soon as possible after risky sex. Go to the GGD municipal health service, a hospital emergency department or an HIV clinic. 

What is PEP?

  • PEP is a 4-week treatment with HIV drugs.
  • PEP really reduces the chance that you’ll get HIV, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll remain HIV-negative.
  • Start PEP treatment as soon as possible after you’ve run the risk. Preferably within 2 hours of unsafe sex and no later than 72 hours afterwards.
  • The sooner you start, the greater the chance of success. 

Where can you get PEP?

You can get PEP at a GGD health centre, hospital emergency department or HIV clinic. Where you should go depends on the time of day. During office hours, contact the nearest GGD health centre in your region. Outside office hours, your best option is to go to the emergency department of a larger hospital.