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Are you ready?

verliefd stel

You may just know that you're ready. Ready to start kissing, caressing with your clothes on, or making love. But maybe you're not sure if you’re ready to have sex. Ask yourself the following questions.

Are you ready to have sex? 5 questions

  1. Are you in the mood for it?
    Do you really feel you’re in the mood for kissing and touching? Do you think your partner is attractive and fun? Are you turned on and want to take it further? Then there's a good chance you’re ready for it.
  2. Do you trust your partner?
    Kissing, caressing and sex are great when you trust your partner. And when you feel comfortable with each other. Are you unsure? Then wait a while.
  3. Is it your choice?
    Is it your choice to have sex? Or does your partner keep moaning when you say ‘no’? You should kiss, caress and have sex because you both want to, not just to keep your partner happy.
  4. Do you know how safe sex works?
    Do you know all about condoms and contraceptives? Or do you still have questions? Get to know how they work before you start. More about safe sex?
  5. Does your faith play a role?
    Do you want to remain a virgin because of your faith? Is that what your parents want? Or does your church or mosque expect that of you? Decide what you think is important and make your choice.

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