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Is it mutual?

meisje geeft jongen een kus

Great, you're in love. And the other person? Do they feel the same?

5 tips

  • Is he or she still around? Do you often have eye contact? Maybe you’re succeeding!
  • Is the person avoiding you? Do you get abrupt answers if you try to talk to them? Then the feeling probably isn’t mutual. But you never know ... some people are just shy.
  • Trust your instincts. You can often sense whether the other person likes you, or is interested.
  • Are you not sure? Send a text or ask them in a chat session. Or have the guts to ask them face to face.
  • Get a friend to find out if the feeling is mutual.


Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t. Isn’t the feeling mutual? Having your heart broken can be truly awful. And perhaps it feels like you will never get over it. But even though it may take some time, you do always get over a broken heart!

First aid for heartbreak

  • Take good care of yourself.
  • Look for distractions, go to the gym or listen to music.
  • Talk about it with a good friend.
  • Write poems or song lyrics.
  • Remember: everyone gets rejected at some time. Even the nicest, best-looking people you know!