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Chatting up tips

2 personen hand in hand

You're in love. But what about the other person? How do you get together with them?

10 tips for chatting someone up

  1. Make eye contact.
  2. Make sure you ‘happen to be’ nearby.
  3. Start a conversation, show that you're interested.
  4. Smile. (That will probably happen all by itself.)
  5. Touch the other person by accident. Be careful: do it subtly, not too forcefully or too obviously.
  6. Get to know the other person better by chatting online with them.
  7. Be patient: chatting up doesn’t always work the first time.
  8. Don't let other people pressure you! Only chat someone up when you want to yourself.
  9. Do something that works for you! Don't act boldly if you are actually shy. Don't wear sexy clothes to chat them up, if you don't feel comfortable like that.   
  10. Give a compliment! That's the way to make clear to the other person that you think they are special.