Missed a pill?

meisje kijkt naar pillenstrip

Lots of girls forget to take a pill sometimes. Or they’ve vomited or had diarrhoea, so the pill is less effective. What should you do if you have sex after that? Use condoms and be extra careful!

Which kind of pill is it?

What you have to do next depends on the kind of pill you take.

Every day pills and the mini pill (28-day blister strip)

If you’ve had sex and some semen got into your vagina, read the pill instruction leaflet to find out what you should do. You can also ask your doctor or get in touch with the Sense Infolijn helpline.

Monophasic and phasic pills (21-day blister strip)

If you’ve had sex and some semen got into your vagina, do the Morning After test to find out what you should do. (Coming soon in English)

Am I pregnant?

There is a greater risk of pregnancy:

  • If you had just started taking the pill
  • If you missed the 1st pill after the pill-free week
  • If you’ve forgotten to take 1 or more pills in the 1st week of your pill strip
  • If you’ve missed a pill twice or more in a short period
  • If you’ve forgotten a pill once before from the same pill strip

Missed a pill in week 1 or 2?

Missed 1 pill?

Take it straight away. And take the next pill at the usual time. Then you’re protected against pregnancy. Missing a pill in week 2 gives the least risk of pregnancy. 

Missed 2 pills?

Take the last pill you forgot straight away. If you do that no later than 12 hours after the usual time, you’re still protected against pregnancy.

Missed a pill in week 3?

Either have a pill-free week right now, or skip the pill-free week completely and start a new pill strip straight away. Then there’s no risk of pregnancy.