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What is the vulva?

meisje bijt op haar lip

The vulva is the outermost part of the female sexual organs. The vulva consists of:

The vulva is also called twat, pussy or slit, amongst other things.

Vagina or vulva?

Lots of people call the vulva ‘vagina’. Actually, that's not correct. The vagina is the opening that leads to your uterus. The vulva is the entire area around that opening.

See for yourself

Do you know what your vulva looks like? Take a mirror, and have a good look.

4 tips:

  • Make sure you're on your own, and that no one can just walk in.
  • Lean backwards against a cushion, bend your legs and let them drop to the side.
  • Take the mirror. Push your labia apart with your fingers, so you can have a good look at everything.
  • Besides looking closely, you can also feel there or squeeze gently.

Why look?

It's handy to get to know your own body well. Then you know what you look like. You also have a better idea of what you like and what you don’t like. When you have sex with your partner, it's easier to indicate what you want.