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foto van een meisje

The clitoris is a woman's most sensitive spot. The clitoris, also called love button or clit, sits between the labia.

Nice feeling

If the clitoris is stroked or licked, it swells up. You get a nice feeling in your body. Prolonged stroking can lead to an orgasm (climax). Of course, this only works if you're in the mood and having sex with someone you fancy.

Outside and inside

The clitoris is much bigger than you think! Your clitoris looks like a small lump, but the majority of the clitoris is on the inside of your body. Concealed behind the labia, it surrounds the opening of the vagina. The G-spot, inside the opening of your vagina, is therefore part of your clitoris.

See for yourself

  • The outer part of the clitoris is a little pink ball, approximately 3 to 8 mm in size. This is called the clitoral glans.
  • This glans is at the top of the inner labia. Exactly at the point where these 2 lips meet.
  • It's concealed behind a foreskin, also known as the clitoral hood.

Where is it?

The tip of the clitoris is the part you see on the outside of the body. The rest of your clitoris is tucked away inside the body; you cannot see it from the outside. But you can feel it!


The inside of the clitoris actually acts as a kind of pillow during sexual intercourse. When a woman is turned on, blood flows into the clitoris on the inside of her body, the area surrounding her vagina. This is composed of spongy tissue: it swells up, actually in the same way as a man’s penis does when he's turned on. The clitoris forms a kind of pillow. This allows a penis or your finger to slip more easily into the vagina during sexual intercourse. This means penetrative sex does not hurt when you're turned on.

Just before the orgasm

When a woman is about to have her orgasm, her clitoris may be oversensitive. In that case, it's a bit annoying if the clitoris is touched. However, if you just stop stimulating the clitoris, the orgasm doesn't happen! What you can do, is stimulate the area surrounding the clitoris. Or you can switch to cunnilingus.