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Pelvic floor

groep meisjes

The pelvic floor muscles are the muscles surrounding your vagina, urethra and anus. To be precise: between your pubis and tailbone. The pubis is the bone at the base of your abdomen, just above your vagina. The tailbone is the bone at the base of your spine, just above your anus.

Feel for yourself

  • Contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles. A well-known trick is to hold your pee up. When you do that, you automatically contract your pelvic floor muscles.
  • You can use your finger to feel how firm or weak the pelvic floor muscles surrounding your vagina are. You test this by inserting a finger in your vagina. ‘Suck in’ or contract the muscles surrounding the vagina. By pointing your finger towards the top of your buttocks, you can be sure you have the correct muscles.