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Comfortable in your own skin

meisje blaast bubbels

Do you not feel comfortable in your own skin? With these tips, that will soon be over.

7 tips

  1. Be proud
    Be proud of 3 things about yourself. For example: you’re always there for other people, you’re a good dancer or your Instagram photos are great.
  2. Feel beautiful
    Look at yourself naked in the mirror. Name 3 things you think are beautiful. That shouldn’t be too difficult. You have pretty eyes, a good figure, lovely nails or even teeth. If you feel beautiful, you radiate that too. Which makes other people think you’re more beautiful too.
  3. Stop comparing
    Stop comparing yourself to fashion models, pop stars and film stars. Did you know that make-up, lighting and Photoshop can make anyone look that beautiful? Film stars often look quite ordinary when they’re not working.
  4. Do something fun       
    Do something fun with your friends. Get up off the couch and go to the movies, exercise or play a game. When you enjoy yourself, you are more comfortable in your skin. And if you do it with people you like, you feel even better.
  5. Take some exercise
    When you exercise, your body releases substances (endorphins), which make you feel good. And a little exercise never hurts when it comes to keeping that divine body of yours in shape. Go for a cycle ride, walk the dog or take a run round the park.
  6. Take care of yourself
    Head to toe, crown to crotch. Wear clean clothes. And smell good. Use a nice soap, body lotion or fragrance every day. Don’t overdo it though. Otherwise, everyone will steer well clear of you!
  7. Treat yourself
    Create leisure time. Buy something nice for yourself, especially when you've had to do a lot of studying. Take a long shower or a nice hot bath. When you pamper yourself, you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and you’re more able to pamper someone else.