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Do you think condoms are not necessary, because you trust each other? Check your risk with the Sense VR-EXperience. 

Experience your sexual network in 3D

The EXperience calculates how many people you and your partner have sex with when you are having unsafe sex. No VR glasses? Watch the 360 video.

How large is your network?

How large is your network? Start the VR-EXperience

Tips for VR

  • Make sure your phone screen stays lit. Adjust the time-out or automatic lock if necessary.
  • On Android devices, The VR-EXperience works best in Google Chrome. On iPhones it's best to use Safari.
  • iPhone: make sure the motion sensors are enabled. Check the setting under Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation
  • Put on your headphone or plug in your earphones.
  • Answer the question and place your phone in your VR glasses.
  • Look around and follow the instructions.
  • To finish the VR-EXperience, look at the phone on your left.