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Trichomoniasis (TV/trichomonas/trich)

foto van een meisje

Trichomoniasis is an STI. It is passed on during sex, especially if you don’t use condoms. Sometimes you have symptoms, but often you won’t notice it at all. Trich is easy to treat with drugs. That usually gets rid of the infection.

Signs and symptoms

Women and girls sometimes have symptoms. Boys and men usually don’t. The symptoms might also appear after a while.
Female symptoms:

  • Your vagina is red, swollen, itching or sore
  • Your vagina might smell different. People often think their vagina smells unpleasant or fishy
  • There might be yellowish-green vaginal discharge. It might be a bit frothy
  • Pain when you pee

Male symptoms (very rare): 

  • Swollen head of the penis, red and irritated skin
  • Pain when you pee
  • Discharge from your penis

The symptoms are not harmful.


Trich is easy to treat with drugs. Do you think you could have this STI? Perhaps because:

  • You had sex without a condom
  • You have symptoms
  • You had sex with someone who has trich 

Then go to your doctor or a GGD STI clinic for an STI test.