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Men and women

groep jongeren

Are you a typical man or woman? Probably not. There is virtually no such thing.


There is a lot of stereotyping of men and women. For example, that men are tough, never cry and never wear dresses. That women are sweet, obsessed with their appearance and don't like football. Is that an accurate description of who you are? Or do all these stereotypes drive you nuts?

Slut or Stud

There is also preconceived ideas about sex. People think that men should approach sex differently to women. Men are expected to always be in the mood and to take the initiative, that proves they’re ‘studs’. Women are expected to play hard to get, otherwise they are ‘sluts’. But is that fair?

Everyone is different

Plenty of men cry and plenty of women like football. There are women with guts, who simply approach a man. And some boys are not ready for sex yet. Some men fancy men and some women fancy women. And some women and men you simply can't pigeonhole. Just as well. The point is to be yourself and to do what feels good for you.