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The uterus is a small organ in your abdominal cavity. It is the size of your fist and is shaped like a pear. The base of the uterus, also called the cervix, is located deep inside the vagina.

What does the uterus do?

A fertilised egg can grow into a baby in the uterus, and is usually delivered through the vagina 9 months later. If the egg hasn’t been fertilised, you have a period. Then blood from your uterus is discharged through your vagina. As long as no egg is fertilised, this is repeated once a month. Read more about your fertility cycle.

female reproductive organs

Feel it yourself

The cervix is at the base of the uterus. You can feel it yourself.

  • Go deep inside your vagina with your finger.
  • The cervix is at the top of your vaginal canal.
  • It will usually feel quite firm and not particularly sensitive, except when you’re ovulating.
  • A man may be able to feel the cervix during penetrative sex. As long as this doesn’t hurt either of you, it’s not a problem. If it does hurt, you could try another position.