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Sense Live Channel

Sense Live Channel

On 12 February 2016 Eric and Nanne took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA). They answered questions about being gay, coming-out, relationships, sex, or whatever else you wanted to know for  2 hours. Watch the live stream below. 

During the live stream a guy is getting a hepatitis B vaccination. You can watch this from 59:36 min. You can also watch the hepatitis B vaccination as a separate item.

Ask Me Anything with Eric and Nanne

Highlights AmA Eric and Nanne

Video: hepatitis B vaccination

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Ask Me Anything with Youssef and Défano

On Tuesday 15 December 2015 an AMA took place with YousToub and Défano. You could ask them all your questions for 2 hours. Missed the livestream? Watch it below. Do you not want to watch it for 2 whole hours? Why not watch the highlights?

Highlights AMA Youssef and Défano

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Ask Me Anything with DusDavid and MissRevex

There was a live event on sense.info with DusDavid and MissRevex on 29 March 2015. After this live event we held another Ask Me Anything live event, with more and different questions. You can watch the video of this live event below. 

View de video of the 29 March 2015 live event below. DusDavid and MissRevex answer 120 of  2,600 Twitter questions in 3 hours.

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