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When a man is circumcised, he no longer has a foreskin. The glans is then exposed.

Waarom besnijden?

  • Circumcision is usually carried out for reasons of religion or hygiene. For example, many Jewish and Muslim men are circumcised.
  • Sometimes a boy is circumcised because his foreskin is so tight it cannot be pulled back over the glans.


You can enjoy sex as normal when you're circumcised. You can come as well. However, the glans is often less sensitive:

  • When you are uncircumcised, the foreskin protects the glans. The glans is soft, lacks the thick outer layer of the epidermis, which means it's very sensitive.
  • In circumcised men, the glans is always exposed. That’s why the outer layer of the epidermis on the glans is thicker. The glans is slightly less sensitive, but that doesn't have to stop you having a good sex life. It might take you longer to come, when masturbating or making love.